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We have some challenges ahead of us!

Welcome to Inno8 Now!

On this page, we want to inspire you to think about innovation now and in the upcoming days. Currently, we are living in a time of multiple challenges. Just to name a few: We live in times of war. The world still experiences a health crisis. And, given the climate crisis, the future of coming generations looks bleak. We strongly believe that innovation can help us to address these crises and contribute to a better future. 

Let’s go ahead and tackle sustainability issues with a gentle heart, a determined mind, and a large set of fresh ideas.

Start thinking about innovation now!

Innovations can help us master great challenges!

We are here to offer you an 8-day program that can increase your ability to innovate, inspire you to come up with new ideas, and help you use your time productively. You will receive a small introduction to innovation management along the way.

Good that you ask: Yes, the program is free of charge. As chairs of innovation management and innovation economics at the University of Hohenheim, we set up this program out of didactic and scientific interest. And that’s it.

If you have completed the program and came up with an innovation idea, we will send you a confirmation of participation in the program and you will soon receive feedback on your innovation idea.

Innov8 Now! Program

Are you looking for inspiration and innovation? Take advantage of our 8-day Innovation Program!

We look forward to receiving your submissions, your feedback and your ideas!

Sincerely yours

Bernd Ebersberger & Andreas Pyka

Your thoughts are important to us.

We are all concerned. Write to us with your ideas on how innovation can to support your company’s competitiveness or how innovation can tackle all the challenges ahead of us. On a large scale, as on a small scale. In the economic as well as in the social field.